Newly established in Lachute, Lacus is a factory that manufactures spas and pool parts using plastic injection technology. As part of the Trevi family, Lacus’ mission is to manufacture the highest quality product right here in Quebec. Our new 250,000 ft2 facility operates efficiently. 100,000 ft2 are used for spa manufacturing and plastic injection, while 150,000 ft2 are used for warehousing and distribution. The plant, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, ensures a constant supply of spas and plastic parts for pools.


Environmental commitment

Lacus is an eco-responsible company intent on building a better future through an environmental commitment to its customers and employees. Thanks to the recovery and reuse of products, Lacus chooses to practice sustainable waste management.

Environmental conservation is at the heart of our company’s business decisions, and our technological processes aim to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste.