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We excel both individually and as a team, and always strive to provide the best service to our customers. Our excellence is reflected in the experience we offer internally and externally. We take initiatives and constantly improve to go further, because it’s part of our DNA and we want the best for our teams and customers. To excel is to advance!


We care for each other’s, we are empathic, we listen, and we go beyond market standards. Above all, we are a human company.


To remain competitive, we strive to encourage new ideas by maintaining a continuous improvement program. We believe in human potential, and we ensure we implement projects to improve our processes.


We adapt, learn, and improve to evolve throughout the Lacus adventure. Staying alert, overcoming the status quo, and thriving together to grow as a family.


Spa Manufacturing

Plastic Injection


As an eco-responsible company committed to sustainable development, Lacus recovers and reuses products. This way of proceeding allows Lacus Innovations to establish sustainable management of its waste and to develop innovations at the cutting edge of technology.

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