Lacus Innovations Inc. (“Lacus,” “we” or “us”) is concerned about your privacy and the protection of your personal information. Lacus is committed to protecting your personal information collected during your use of the website (the “website”) and to using it only for the purposes for which it was collected.1. SCOPE AND APPLICATION
9. CONTACT USThis Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) governs the collection, use, storage, sharing and destruction of information obtained by Lacus about users when they access or use the website.BY ACCESSING THE WEBSITE, YOU CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION, USE, STORAGE, SHARING AND DESTRUCTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AS DESCRIBED IN THIS POLICY.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE.


The term “personal information” refers to information that, when taken alone or in combination with other information, can identify an individual, such as their name, date of birth, email address, and any other information that should be treated as “personal information” in accordance with applicable laws.

Lacus reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. The current version of the Privacy Policy is available on the Website, along with its effective date. If changes that significantly affect privacy risks are made to the policy, we will notify you through a notice posted on the Website’s homepage. If you continue to use the Website after such changes take effect, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes. We recommend checking our Privacy Policy regularly.

Access to and use of the website is governed by the General Conditions of Use and Sale, which can be found at . These have been incorporated into this Privacy Policy by reference.


Personal information that is collected and used is notably collected and used for the following purposes:

Information We Collect Why We Collect the Information
Website usage data:

  • Information about the features used, Trévi may collect certain data about the use of the Website, such as the features used or sections visited.
  • Profile information, such as your digital identifiers, passwords, service preferences, communication language, and more.
  • Browser information, such as the type of browser you are using, e.g., Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, or the website address from which you came if you clicked on a Trévi advertisement.
  • Device information, e.g., identifier, model, operating system, device notice status, personal information protection settings, and other device configurations or settings, location information, or your IP address, which is automatically assigned to your computer or device when browsing the Internet and from which the general geographic location of the device can be obtained.
  • Location information, such as general location information from your IP address and geolocation information from your browser or mobile device, if you have authorized sharing such data.
  • Enable you to access and use the Website properly.
  • Enable us to address issues reported by users, including troubleshooting, support, optimization, and reviews of Website security breaches or data restoration.
  • Enable us to assess, optimize, and improve the content and features of the Website, including using performance tools provided by third parties, such as Google Analytics, which uses cookies to collect aggregate statistical data to analyze how visitors use a website. These cookies are used to retain non-personally identifiable data. If you do not wish to provide information to Google Analytics, you can choose to disable the use of your data by using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on available at more information about Google Analytics and how this third party processes and manages your personal information, you can refer to the privacy policy available at
  • Enable us to provide you with advertising content, including retargeting, and improve the content of our ads and website to make them more relevant or interesting to the public.
  • Personalize your experience with us by analyzing data, including reviewing and studying your applications, operations, and other information to:
      • Understand you, understand your needs and activities, as well as learn about products, services, promotions, offers, and advice that may interest you.
      • Target or personalize products, services, promotions, offers, advice, tips, and articles based on the information we have collected, including those collected as part of your digital activities on Lacus’ digital channels.
      • If you access any of Lacus’ marketing advertisements, we may also track the advertisement you selected, activity on the site associated with each marketing advertisement, and response rate, which helps us plan future online marketing campaigns. If you access a third-party site featuring a Lacus ad, we may use cookies or similar technology to help us determine the site you accessed, but we do not track or create user profiles on that site.
      • To promote and market products and services offered by Lacus, our partners, or carefully selected third parties. This includes product marketing, service marketing, or community initiatives by Lacus on another company’s website, such as marketing follow-up using web technologies. Lacus’ partners and service providers may also use web technologies to collect and use information from Lacus’ websites and other third-party sites to assist us in these marketing activities. In some cases, the content of this marketing may be based on information we know about you, such as your browsing behavior on Lacus and third-party sites where Lacus ads are displayed, your Lacus products and services, and information you have provided to us.
  • To prevent fraud during the online payment process.
  • To measure, in a general sense, the number of people interacting with a digital advertisement.
  • To enable us to understand how you use Lacus’ digital channels.
  • Information on transactions, such as how you use different products or services.
  • To track purchase and payment history and financial institutions used to provide added value by customizing your experience with us by analyzing data, including reviewing and studying your applications, operations, and other information.
  • Contact information: including your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • Identity information, including, but not limited to,  age group, gender, salary bracket/estimated family income, citizenship and cv.
  • Enable us to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries and quote requests.
  • Enable us to fulfill your orders and provide you with post-sales support.
  • Enable us to register you for one of our initiatives and for contest follow-ups.
  • Enable you to apply for job opportunities.
  • For internal and external verification purposes, we may also check your references.
  • Enable you to provide us with comments, suggestions, or questions.
  • Send you communications by mail, email, text message, phone, automatic dialing and announcing devices at the numbers you have provided us, fax, other telecommunications channels, social media, or other means. These include marketing or service communications regarding product benefits, features, or other information about products, services, or initiatives, to the extent permitted by applicable laws. You can always choose to stop receiving these communications by following the instructions in the communication sent to you. Also consult Section 7 on “Your Rights’’.
  • Enable us to communicate with you regarding a request you have made or your experience with our services, products, or website.
  • Enable you to inform us of any issues related to the website or the services or products provided by Lacus.
  • Enable us to assess your satisfaction through satisfaction surveys.
  • To comply with the applicable laws and regulations in force, including requests from government authorities and self-regulatory organizations.
  • Payment and financing data: including information related to your credit card, or if you make a financing request online on the Trévi website; certain information about you, including your first name, last name, social insurance number/driver’s license/health insurance, bank account number, city, email address, phone number, complete postal address, information related to your residence, employment, and income, as well as confirmation of whether or not you have ever filed for bankruptcy.
  • Enables us to process your payment.
  • Enables us to process your financing request.
  • Enables us to determine your eligibility for products or services.
  • Other information that we collect, which may include, but is not limited to, information you have provided to us through various means, such as communication language preferences, demographic data, and interests and opinions through our recorded surveys.
  • Helps us understand our relationship with you, including how you prefer to conduct your transactions and the types of products, services, or offers that may appeal to you or be of interest to you.



When you visit the website, we may place a data file on your device, such as a cookie, pixel tags (very small graphic elements), or a similar file. These files allow us to retain certain information about your use of the website, including the date of your most recent visit, the pages viewed, and files downloaded. This allows us to tailor the website to more effectively align with the preferences and interests of our users. These files may also be used by Lacus for targeted marketing purposes to present you with content or ads that we believe may interest you based on your browsing behavior on the website. To the extent that these cookies are not strictly necessary for the operation of our website, we ask for your consent to their use when you first visit our website. You have the option to disable these cookies for future use if you wish by managing your browser’s configuration options.

Please refer to our cookie policy for more specific information about the cookies we use, the reasons for their use, and how to remove them from your computer.


Lacus stores personal information for a reasonable period of time to provide you with proper access to the website, to fully respond to your requests and/or process your orders or to fulfill stated purposes, or in accordance with law, whichever is longer. After this period, we ensure that the personal information is depersonalized or destroyed to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. 

Only authorized relevant staff members may access the data when necessary for the performance of their service-related duties and in accordance with the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, subject to the following paragraph. 

We never disclose your personal information to anyone outside Lacus without your consent, except to the following third parties and only if they have implemented appropriate security safeguards to ensure at least the same level of security as we do: 

The website may contain sharing or publishing options or links to third-party websites or platforms. By using or activating these links or features, you are leaving the website and your browsing becomes subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of such third parties. We have no control over these third-party platforms, and the fact that these platforms are listed on the website does not in any way engage our responsibility.


All data is stored on servers with high-security standards, protected against improper use and access by unauthorized persons. We strive to maintain the necessary physical, administrative, and technical security measures at our offices and information storage centers. Information is made available only to individuals (employees or agents) who need access to this information to carry out their responsibilities.

Lacus takes reasonable measures to protect your personal information transmitted during your use of the website, including when you make an online financing request or as part of the online purchase process. Specifically, Lacus uses technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against loss or theft as well as against unauthorized access and disclosure, both internally and externally within our organization. However, no security mechanism is perfect, and you should be aware that there is always some risk of a security breach. Lacus disclaims any responsibility for the possibility that such information about you may be disclosed unless it results from negligence on the part of Lacus. It should be noted that, to reduce the risk of security breaches, no credit card information is stored on the servers used by the website.

All data collected during your use of the website is generally stored on servers located in Quebec. However, data may be processed by third-party Lacus service providers located outside Quebec to enable them to fulfill mandates on behalf of Lacus. In this case, Lacus takes reasonable steps to ensure that these third parties are bound by appropriate protection measures, including contractual measures.


You have the right to know the purpose of Lacus’ collection and processing of personal information about you, as well as the right to access, update, and correct this information. You can withdraw your consent to the use and retention of your personal information by Lacus at any time. In such a case, however, you may no longer be able to use certain features of the website. You also have, as applicable, the right to request: i) that Lacus cease broadcasting, delist, or relist your personal information, or ii) as of September 22, 2024, that your computerized personal information collected from you be communicated to you in a commonly used technological format and to any person or entity authorized by law to collect this information. This right does not extend to information that has been created or deduced from your personal information, and we are not obligated to disclose this information if it presents serious practical difficulties. If you believe that your rights to the protection of your personal information may have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec or to seek redress from the courts.

Lacus will generally respond to all access requests within 30 days of receiving all necessary information. In cases where we cannot provide access, or if we need more time to respond to a request, we will notify you in writing.

Based on exemptions provided by applicable laws, Lacus may not be able to disclose certain types of information. Where possible, we will redact the information that will not be disclosed and provide access to other information. If we are unable to provide you with access to personal information or disclose it to you, we will provide an explanation, subject to limitations.

In certain circumstances, such as when the request is excessive or unfounded, we may impose administrative fees on you for access to your personal information. We may also charge for additional copies. We will inform you of any potential fees before processing a request.


Lacus is responsible for communicating this policy and ensuring that its employees fully comply with all relevant aspects of the notice and accompanying guidelines.

Functional or infrastructure units that handle personal information are responsible for ensuring that these activities comply with this policy.

Our Privacy Officer (i) develops Lacus’ personal information protection strategy, (ii) designs and maintains the notice, accompanying guidelines, and any other information-related policies or procedures, and (iii) serves as the official liaison with federal and provincial commissioners.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, accessing your personal information, or about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by Lacus or how to exercise your rights as outlined above, file a complaint, or update your personal information, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer as follows:

By email: [email protected]

By mail: 12775, rue Brault, Mirabel, Quebec J7J 0C4

We will make every effort to handle your request promptly. 

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